Magento 2 PWA POS - New updates are available for download


Magento Pos System

Magento Point of Sale

Get rid of long queues with fast and stable POS, now powered by PWA technology. Check out for your customers wherever you are, with or without the Internet.

POS Terminal Make checkout pleasant for your customers. Accept all forms of payment from cash to card with Stripe, Tyro, and more.

POS Hardware Make store operations easy for your staff. Integrate your POS with a variety of hardware from barcode scanner to cash drawer.

POS Performance Monitor your POS devices to ensure a stable system and optimize store operations.

POS PC & Ipad Demo
User: staff
Password: staff123
PWA POS Mobile Demo
User: staff
Password: staff123
POS Click&Collect Demo
User: staff
Password: staff123
Magento 2 Backend Demo
User: omni
Password: omni123123
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