About Magespacex

Our competitors built a hosting company and then figured out how to sell it. We built a hosting company specifically to run Magento.

Magento is a demanding, highly flexible application that requires considerable support and investment in additional hardware. The current infrastructure of traditional hosting companies just cannot securely and cost-effectively meet the high-performance demands required to manage and support Magento servers.

We could tell you about all of our exclusive hosting features, but the truth is you care the most about the performance of your site. You know better than anyone that the longer your site takes to load, the lower your conversion rate, page views and user satisfaction will be. At MagespaceX, your site is hosted on our Dedicated platform. Fined tuned by our Gurus and a product of 10+ years of experience, our Severs platform is the high-performance solution that can help your site succeed. Choose our Super Power Package for page loads up to 20X faster than competing web hosting companies.