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  1. Magento 2 Unleashed Api Connector

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    Magento 2 Unleashed Api connector

    • automated and error-free data synchronization between Unleashed and Magento 2

    – Warehouse selection

    – Time duration to sync data with Unleashed

    – Sending new updates of Stock on Hand automatically when updated within Unleashed

    – Guest Customer options

    – Multiple ‘out of stock’  compatible with Magespacex Inventory Management system 

  2. Magento 2 Visual Products Merchandiser

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    With our Magento 2 Drag & Drop Product Merchandiser extension editing in category admin becomes easy and visual. Just drag and drop!Magento 2 Page Builder allows you easily configure products display on a Category page. You’ll get full control of the page content. With the help of our Drag & Drop sorting extension you can create convenient page navigation and show your customers products they might be interested in. Manage the displayed products right from your admin panel. There is no need to save your changes and check how the page looks after they are applied. You’ll see how your products grid will be displayed on your site right from the admin panel.

    BACKEND DEMO    User: visual / Password: visual123123
  3. Magento 2 Order Fulfillment Extension

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    Optimization of the order management workflow in an eCommerce store can be a real challenge. Reviewing order details, editing products added to an order, changing shipping/billing details, modifying customers’ personal info - this is just a small part of what you may need to do when dealing with orders' data.

    The renewed order fulfilment procedure is divided into 5 steps. First of all, you should verify orders. Next, there is time for fulfilment preparation. It is necessary to pick items related to each order. As for two other steps, they are items packing and delivery. Note that the “Verify Orders” step can be disabled.

    Admin Demo

    user: order  / password: order123

  4. Magento 2 Stripe Payment Extension

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    Stripe Payment Gateway For Magento 2: Integrate Stripe payment gateway in your Magento store and receive online payments from your customers. Stripe is a PCI compliant payment company which enables any user to make payments using a credit card , visa and many more. 

  5. Magento 2 Dropship Extension

    Reorder #:m2dropship

    As a seller using Magento, you’re always looking for ways to grow your online business. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new seller just starting off or if you’re an established seller already swamped with orders. Either way, you need to find a way to sell more products and then ship them to your customers. Enter Magento drop shipping.

    Frontend Demo 

    Admin Demo

    user: dropship / password: dropship123

  6. Magento 1 POS Extension

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    The easy POS system for Magento 1

    Set up quickly, start making sales and build your business with Magespace smart point-of-sale POS Sell in-store on Mac , Pc, Smart Phone or Ipad Magespace pos is the web-based point of sale system that makes it simple to sell to your customers, and keep them coming back to your store. It works on Mac,Ipad or PC, online and offline, and is so easy to use you can get your staff selling in no time. Magespace Pos connects with the most popular point of sale equipment and hardware, and integrates with a variety of payment providers.

    Frontend Demo

    user : magespace / Password: magespace123123

    Admin Demo

    user : magespace Password: magespace123

  7. Magento2 Inventory Management Solution

    Reorder #:inventorym2

    Equip your store with an advanced inventory management tool. Easily split inventory among multiple warehouses and keep track of stock items on a website or a store view level.

    Admin Demo

    user: inventory  / password: inventory123

  8. Magento 1 Barcode Scanner Extension

    Reorder #:barcodescannerm1

    The core features of the Magespace Barcode Management Magento 1 module provides inline barcode management and editing, supports barcode import via CSV, allows you to generate and print unlimited barcodes for a product, etc. There are even barcode templates available within the module. The extension not only improves the overall productivity while you manage the inventory but also reduce the number of errors caused by the human factor. As for unlimited barcodes for a single product, this feature is useful if you want to set a specific barcode for a certain attribute, for instance, availability, price, name, and supplier. Let’s see the Barcode Management Magento 2 extension in action.

    Backend Demo

    user: barcode / password: dropship123

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