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Magento 2 Stripe Payment Extension

Stripe Payment Gateway For Magento 2: Integrate Stripe payment gateway in your Magento store and receive online payments from your customers. Stripe is a PCI compliant payment company which enables any user to make payments using a credit card , visa and many more. 

Compatible 2.2.X 2.3.X 2.4.X


Increase your conversion rate and charge payments securely with Stripe, the easiest way to accept online payments.
Install Stripe’s plugin on your Magento 2
online store, create a Stripe account, and start accepting payments immediately.

Conversion rateOptimize the purchasing funnel

  • Create your Stripe account in 10 minutes and immediately start accepting payments via Visa, MasterCard and American Express (no additional contract/merchant ID needed from your bank)
  • Improve your conversion rate by offering a seamless payment experience to your customers: Stripe lets you host the payment form on your own pages, without redirection to a bank third-part page
  • Keep your fraud under control thanks to customizable 3D-Secure and Stripe Radar, our suite of anti-fraud tools
  • Hundreds of third-part integrations to enrich your Stripe set-up (invoicing, SMS…)
  • Mobile customers can pay in a single tap with Apple Pay.

  • Supports Pay with Google, Android Pay and the Payment Request API.

  • Amazon-style saved cards at the checkout and the customer account section

  • Supports both Stripe.js v2 and Stripe.js v3 with Stripe Elements for SAQ-A PCI DSS v3.2 compliance.

  • Avoid disputes and chargebacks forever by enabling 3D Secure (also known as Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode, J/Secure or American Express SafeKey), a technology that shifts the liability of chargebacks to the bank!

  • Send customized email receipts to your customers

  • Complete admin area integration with refunds, creating new orders, saved cards and invoicing orders

  • Multiple address and multi-shipping support

  • Customer synchronization with your Stripe account

  • Increased security and PCI compliance with Stripe.js and card tokenization.

  • Support for many One Step Checkout modules
  • Multi-language and multi-currency support
  • Multi-Stripe account support which can be configured on separate store views
Offer a seamless payment experience to your customers and improve your conversion rate.
  • Stripe is compatible with Magento2’s one-page checkout feature
  • Stripe’s plugin is web responsive and adapts to your customer’s screen, may he be on mobile, tablet or desktop
  • Stripe’s UX has been optimized to reduce the error rate when your customers enter their payment data.


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How to install extension?

1. Download package from your account at 2. Unpack package into magento root folder Warning! Extracted files will overwrite the current files with the same name. Please make sure you have a backup before overwriting your current...

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