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Magento 2 Visual Products Merchandiser

With our Magento 2 Drag & Drop Product Merchandiser extension editing in category admin becomes easy and visual. Just drag and drop!Magento 2 Page Builder allows you easily configure products display on a Category page. You’ll get full control of the page content. With the help of our Drag & Drop sorting extension you can create convenient page navigation and show your customers products they might be interested in. Manage the displayed products right from your admin panel. There is no need to save your changes and check how the page looks after they are applied. You’ll see how your products grid will be displayed on your site right from the admin panel.


User: visual / Password: visual123123

Compatible 2.3.x - 2.4.x




With the right product layout you can move your customers forward to buying from you. Make sure customers that browse the catalog see offers that will spark their interest first. Once you install the Visual Product Merchandiser extension, you will see how the products are located on a page right from the admin panel. You can put specific products that are new, on sale, or just popular in your store higher, or group them according to your marketing purposes. The extension is easy You will be able to set up your own custom order for the products to be listed and see the changes introduced on a page at once.

Features of Visual Product Merchandiser extension for Magento 2:

    • Handy and clear back end layout for category pages
      Once the extension is installed, you can see and manage the product placement for every category. Visual Sorting extension displays products with pics and prices in grids by pages as in the store, making it easier to choose what you want to edit and seeing the overall preview for the changes made.

  • Use convenient drag & drop tool for sorting products
    You get to decide which items your customers get to see first once they enter the category. You can promote the items that have already gained your customers’ trust. Showcase bestsellers, most wanted, discounted or any products of your choice on the top of the category page by sorting them in the preferable order. To relocate the product, you can just move it manually to another spot.
  • Keep categories organized permanently
    Maintain the product order you need by pinning any product to its place on the page. You can make sure that the items that are out of stock won’t pop up as the first ones or new arrivals won’t be at the very last page of the product list. This position will remain fixed, no matter how you change the order for other products and how many new items you may add afterwards.
  • Pin products

  • Find Products by SKU

With Visual Product Merchandiser extension you can improve customer experience and use product order as a sales booster by offering the range you have got on display in efficient way.


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How to install extension?

1. Download package from your account at 2. Unpack package into magento root folder Warning! Extracted files will overwrite the current files with the same name. Please make sure you have a backup before overwriting your current...

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