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May 1st 2018

Beware Fake Patches!

Some time ago, hackers sent an email pretending to be a Security Patch SUPEE-9789 from Magento ® Commerce which in fact contained a virus. To avoid potential damage from such malicious actions, it is strongly recommended to NEVER open any email attachments of this kind. Remember that the best way to get an update for Magento ® is to download it from their official Magento ® site!

We utilize the useful service at to check your website for security vulnerabilities, determine the version of Magento ® being used and ascertain the amount of security patches that need to be installed. If the status assigned by the system is ‘Medium’ or ‘High’, it means that your website is vulnerable and urgent measures should be taken to protect confidential data.

Search For and Remove Any 
Malicious Scripts

We scan your website for malicious software and viruses. If any are detected, we remove them and check your website again to ensure there are no infected files left.

Implement All Available Patches 

As soon as the website being scanned returns missing security patch alerts, we implement our patch installation services to protect the security of both you and your customers. Once done, we recheck to verify that all issues have been properly addressed.

Upgrade of Magento ®

Upgrading your Magento ® system to a higher version is a complicated process, which requires attention and experience. Our team of professional developers ensures that your system upgrade is performed smoothly and accurately. We also perform final testing and provide post-launch support in case any issues arise after the upgrade.