The Most Popular Magento 2 PWA POS In The World with Ultimate Omnichannel elements.


Seize every opportunity with one back office

One powerful Solution

Have all the tools you need to manage your business, market to customers, and sell everywhere in one place.

Unified reporting

Adapt to growing trends in your business with unified analytics that blend in-store and online sales.

Advanced inventory features

Generate purchase orders and transfer stock based on inventory forecasts and performance.

Custom staff permissions

Delegate with peace of mind and motivate staff to grow with increased responsibilities.

Turn one-time customers into lifetime fans

Frictionless returns and exchanges

Give staff the ability to assist customers with purchases made online or at other locations.

Fully-synced customer profiles

Offer personalized shopping experiences with quick access to notes, lifetime spend, and past orders from any location.

Integrated loyalty programs

Add loyalty apps to your POS system to reward customers for shopping with you, both in store and online.

Video Guide

Seamless integrations with , Tyro , Stripe Payment – printers, scanners and cash drawers

Our POS software integrates with , Tyro , Stripe Payment , Zip pay . POS integrates wirelessly or via Bluetooth to receipt printers, barcode scanners and cash drawers and setting up takes just a couple of minutes.

Pause transactions

You may need to serve a second customer while you’re in the middle of a transaction with the first customer. Place an order on hold that can be retrieved by the current cashier or any other cashier. Add a note to the order that is available

Cash management and payments reporting

Open the trading day by entering your cash float, add cash in or take cash out of your till for any store expense that you may have to process throughout the day, and finally close the trading day securely. Use the payments report to outline all the cash movements during the trading day, a total for all sales and refunds that were processed, as well as the total expected value of each of the payment methods that you can use for reconciling the trading day.

Integrated gift card sales

Customers can buy and redeem gift cards for any in-store and online purchases. For detailed utilization insight, reconcile the total amount of gift cards sold and redeemed over a period of time.

Create and manage loyalty programs

Encourage customers to come back by rewarding them with incentives and offers for their repeat purchases. Enroll customers in loyalty programs where they can earn and redeem loyalty points to pay for their purchases.

Benefits of an integrated offline and online retail Magento 2 PWA POS system

Save the sale

Ensure you never miss a sale in store by having access to inventory information across all of your inventory locations. Fulfill orders captured in store from existing store inventory or from another warehouse. Mark items as back orders while still taking the order in store to save the sale. Having your POS integrated with your order and inventory management system allows you to offer a truly omnichannel shopping experience.

FeaturesWithout AddonsWith Addons
Unlimited users/devices
Multi-location inventory Inventory Management Addon
Quick and easy product search
Create order fast
Buy at store, home delivery
Real-time inventory sync
Barcode scanning
Buy online, return in-store Store pickup Addon
Barcode printer/generatorBarcode Generator Addon
Allow backorder in store
StocktakeInventory Management Addon
Transfer mass stockInventory Management Addon
Track inventory movement Inventory Management Addon
Manage purchase order Purchase Management Addon
Reward points & gift cards
Sales reports
Buy online, pick up in-storeStore Pickup Addon
Buy at store, fulfil from others
Advanced order fulfilment Order fulfilment Addon
Real-time inventory reports
DropshipOrder fulfilment Addon
Pay/refund with store creditsStore Credit Addon
Gift Card Instore / OnlineGift Card Addon
  • Compatible
    Magento 2.3.7-p1 & 2.4.3
  • Google Pointy Added
    Fully Integrated with Google Pointy
  • Store pickup with Pos Click and Collect Integrated
    PWA POS Feature to fulfil Click and collect orders
  • Staff Performance Added
  • Pos Performance Added
  • Compatibility 2.4.x Added
  • Stock Movement Added
  • Device based connectivity Added
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