Hosting Refund policy 

We are the fastest and most reliable Magento hosting service available in the market and offer 30-day money back guarantee on only monthly package .

But don't just take our word for it, give us a try. If you are unsatisfied with our monthly hostiing or extensions for whatever reason, simply submit a ticket to the Billing Department by logging into your account with a brief description of what made you cancel your services. We'll review your ticket and see if we can resolve the issue for you. If we determine that both parties are unable to resolve the issue, you'll get your money back! For more information on the terms and conditions of this guarantee, check out our terms of service.

This policy does not apply to any additional services such as overages, add-ons, reseller accounts, Annual webhosting , extensions customizations , or any fees associated with these accounts.

Accounts suspended, canceled, or terminated by Magespacex for violating our hosting policies do not qualify for the 30-day money back guarantee. For example, if an account is canceled due to spamming, phishing, or another violation, no refund will be issued.

Any cancelation request will be effective within 24-48 hours upon receipt.

Extensions Refund Policy :

After purchasing our product the customer will get the entire source code of our extension. Hence we have 30 days refund policy. Refund will be provided only in case we are unable to provide the features mentioned in our user manuals.

We would recommend that before purchasing our Extension, the customer checks the demo of our products, if required indulge in discussions with our support team or our development team, and clarify their doubts and queries by generating tickets on support, sending queries on online chat or email.

If the customer gets completely satisfied with our product after going through all the background analysis that is required for to understand the product and see that if it suits their requirements,only then we suggest the purchase action be performed. 

Moreover, if the customer installs any other extension that conflicts with ours then in that case it would not be covered under free support as it would be a part of customization. We guarantee bug free extension from our side but cannot assure the same for any third party extension. For that purpose, the customer needs to contact the support team of the concerned extension provider.

We provide all kinds of support to the customer to resolve the issues that they may face with our extension as we want to make sure that none of our customers are unsatisfied. We believe in Customer Satisfaction and therefore make every possible effort to keep our customers happy.

Prior to purchasing any of our products,the customer is suggested to read the details of the product, thoroughly go through the user manuals that are provided for every product and carefully check the DEMO. After purchasing if demands for something that we didn’t promise arises then either it would be a part of customization or we won't be liable for it. 

If the module is not working on the customer’s site then we will need access to FTP details, Admin details (user id and password) and Database details etc so as to debug the issue.